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Lawn Dressing

Composition :

Lawn Dressing consists of topsoil and organic compost mixed to an Ideal ratio and finely sifted. To be used on Kikikuyu lawns, fine lawns must use compost on its own.

Method of Preparation:

  • Spike the lawn with a roller spike or if the lawn area is not too big a garden fork works just as well.
  • A depth of 100mm is sufficient.
  • Apply the lawn dressing to a depth of 10mm,a deeper depth when you need to level certain areas.
  • Pass a roller over the lawn and you will be able to see where certain areas are uneven and you can apply more lawn dressing there.
  • After all your levels are correct, give a very high volume initial irrigation to soak through the lawn dressing right through to the root system of the lawn.
  • Thereafter keep the lawn moist, the more you irrigate the quicker the lawn will grow especially in spring and summer months.